Monday, January 18, 2010

Alcohol News - 3/2010 (Scotland) - Scots drink 25 per cent more alcohol
Scots are drinking 25 per cent more alcohol than people south of the Border and the difference in consumption is widening, according to a new study.

Times Online (Scotland) - Shocking drink figures fail to persuade
Labour indicated yesterday that it was still not prepared to support the Scottish government’s proposal of minimum pricing for alcohol despite shocking new statistics on drink consumption north of the Border.

Manila Bulletin (Philippines) - Survey: Peer pressure leads more teeners to drink alcohol
Peer pressure is forcing more Filipino teenagers aged 13 to 15 to drink alcoholic beverages, a World Health Organization survey found. (UK) - A week in the life of booze-up Britain
This week -as ministers prepare to crack down on the cut-price booze that fuels the scourge - a special Mirror investigation presents a harrowing insight into the sordid reality of the binge-drinking menace blighting Britain.

Wall Street Journal (UK) - UK Government: No Plans To Introduce Minimum Alcohol Prices
The U.K. government Thursday ruled out the introduction of legislation which would set minimum pricing for alcohol, despite calls to tackle the problem of binge-drinking.

Reuters (WHO) - Price rises are key to tackling alcohol abuse: WHO
Binge drinking and other growing forms of harmful use of alcohol should be tackled through higher taxes on alcoholic drinks and tighter marketing regulations, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended.

RT (Russia) - Alcohol importers request delay on new licensing
Eleven of Russia’s largest alcohol importers have written to Prime Minister Putin and the Head of the customs service requesting a delay in the implementation of new import licensing requirements.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Wine, beer 'may become more expensive'
An overhaul of Australia's complex alcohol tax regime being considered by the federal government would raise the price of wine and full-strength beer but, controversially, lower the price of alcopops.

Reuters (Russia) - Putin calls time on Russians' alcohol habit
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, alarmed by Russians' love affair with alcohol, gave the go-ahead on Thursday for a campaign to cut consumption by more than half in the next 10 years.

Herald Sun - Alcohol permanently changes foetus genes – study
A STUDY showing alcohol consumption can permanently change genes in developing foetuses may be the first step to developing a diagnosis for foetal alcohol syndrome.

Phuket Gazette (Thailand) - Crackdown on alcohol sales violations in Phuket
The 2008 Alcohol Control Act states that alcohol products cannot be sold at places of worship, health centers and hospitals, government offices, educational institutions, gas stations and public parks.

The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol content labels will replace 'misunderstood' units system under Tory plans
Labels detailing the precise alcoholic content of drinks will replace the "misunderstood units" system under Conservative plans to warn the public about the dangers of excessive consumption.

BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol abuse 'costs every Scot £900 a year'
Alcohol misuse could be costing every adult in Scotland £900 every year, according to a new report.

Daily Mail (UK) - Under 21s to be asked for ID in binge drinking crackdown
Pubs, bars and off-licences will be forced to ask under 21s for identity in the latest crackdown on binge drinking.

Baltic Reports (Estonia) - Restrictions proposed on alcohol ads, sales
According to the Estonian Institute of Economic Research, the average Estonian consumed 11.9 liters of alcohol in 2008, placing it in second place for alcohol consumption in Europe.

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