Monday, October 19, 2009

Alcohol News - week 42/2009

BBC News (UK) - Calls for minimum alcohol price

Doctors in the North West of England have called for the introduction of a minimum price for alcohol. (UK) - Alcohol death toll to reach 9,080 a year, study predicts

Alcohol will claim more than 90,000 lives over the next decade without urgent action to tackle the country's increasingly ruinous relationship with drinking, experts warn today.

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Hangovers May Be Tougher for Migraine Sufferers

As if migraine sufferers didn't already have enough pain, new research has found that they may also be more prone to hangover headaches. (USA) - Help Young Adults Manage Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has awarded Saint Louis University a grant to develop and test a new program to help older children and young adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Times Online (UK) - Homebuyers face questions on alcohol and smoking under new mortgage rules
Homebuyers could be forced to provide detailed information about the amount of money they spend on alcohol each month to qualify for a new mortgage under a new clampdown on reckless lending. - Science questions if moderate alcohol intake is beneficial

In the first study of it's kind, researchers have examined whether the moderate consumption of alcohol played a part in the mobility of people aged 70-79. (Australia) - Mums who drink warned they risk serious long-term damage

BUSY mums who enjoy a wine to ease the stress of daily living have been warned they risk serious long-term damage.,27574,26234400-36398,00.html - Alcohol, drug abuse test can predict risky teenage sexual behaviour
Alcohol and drug use are known contributors to teenagers engaging in dangerous practices like unprotected sex, multiple partners, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and drug overdose.

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Drinking Your Way to Health? Perhaps Not

Just about every month -- if not every week -- a new study emerges touting the health benefits to be gained from a daily glass of wine or a pint of dark beer.

BBC News (UK) - Teenage drink crackdown 'success'

Thousands of teenagers had a total of 5,171 litres of alcohol confiscated in a summer crackdown on binge drinking, the government has said.

Nursing in Practice (UK) - Drinking "down to regional causes"

People in different areas of the country binge drink for different reasons and a regional approach is necessary to tackle the problem, according to new research.

Daily Nation (WHO/Kenya) - WHO plan to rein in drinking

The Kenyan Government might soon be asked to put in place measures to reduce access to alcohol. In a global effort to reduce the availability and consumption of alcohol, the World Health Organisation is drafting a strategy that calls for higher taxation of beer, fewer drinking hours and fewer outlets.

Jerusalem Post (Israel) - 'Raising alcohol prices would reduce youth crime'

Welfare and Social Services Ministry Director-General Nahum Itzkovitz called on the Treasury Wednesday to increase taxes on alcoholic beverages in an attempt to fight rising levels of violence.

ABC News (Australia) - Alcohol and Co-Sleeping Affect Risk for SIDS

Dave Taylor, a Boulder, Colo. father of three school-age kids, is one of the growing number of people who ignored pediatricians' warnings against bed-sharing as a way to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.

Ireland Online (Ireland) - Govt 'must reduce VAT and tax on alcohol'
Retail Ireland has said that new CSO retail sales figures show the sector remains under serious pressure. (Serbia) - Serbia President Faces Charges over Stadium Alcohol Consumption
Tadic is facing charges for drinking champagne at the Belgrade’s Red Star football stadium last Saturday.

BBC News (UK) - How alcohol affects the brain (Video)

If alcohol were invented today, it would be classified as a drug and restricted, according to Professor David Nutt, a government adviser who chairs the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

YLE News (Finland/Estonia) - Higher Alcohol Taxes Have Not Caused Rush to Estonia

Private alcohol imports by Finns travelling abroad have been on the rise this year. However, a 10% increase in alcohol taxes in Finland has not led to a surge of travel to Estonia to buy cheaper booze.

University Observer Online - Alcohol dependency linked to ‘bad’ gene

In modern day Ireland, it is often difficult to personally realise the boundary between a few hearty drinks, and full-blown alcohol abuse.‘bad’-gene/

YLE News (Finland) - New Face of Child Abuse: Drunk Moms

Police statistics show that child abuse has a new face: drunken mothers. Police say they get around 400 reports of domestic violence against children each year; these days around two-thirds of the cases point to intoxicated mothers.

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (Sweden) - Striking results from the Swedish Risk Drinking Project: Talking about alcohol is becoming routine practice in Swedish health car

The proportion of health care personnel reporting that they always or often queried their patients regarding alcohol use has increased significantly. This is particularly notable with nurses, where the proportion has doubled to 60 per cent, and midwives, where 92 per cent estimate their capacity to identify risk consumption as good or very good.

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