Monday, November 3, 2008

Alcohol News - week 44/2008

The Baltic Times (Estonia) - Estonia’s battle with alcoholism

From the first day of November, a new amendment to the advertising legislation, one that focuses on alcohol advertisements, is taking effect in Estonia.

Eurekalert - Parents comfortable with alcohol screening in pediatricians' offices

Parents are surprisingly receptive to being screened for alcohol problems during a visit to their child's pediatrician, including those who have alcohol problems. And if they need help, many parents would look to their pediatrician for a referral, according to a new study in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics.

GMA (Philippines) - Bill simplifying alcohol, tobacco taxes could raise P31-B in revenues

Manila could raise as much as P31 billion only if the government would approve a bill simplifying “sin" taxes. (UK) - Alcohol consumption doubles since the 1960s

The link between alcohol consumption and dementia is being ignored and unless urgent action is taken today's binge drinkers will be tomorrow's dementia patients, psychiatrists said. (UK) - Alcohol, drug abuse sees 42,000 Brit pupils sent home

With substance abuse on the rise, around 42,000 Brit pupils have been sent home for alcohol or drug-related reasons in the past four years.

Scotsman (UK) - Do we need new crackdown on drink adverts?

IN A RECENT television advert for Coors Light lager, two men and a woman were shown drinking in the mountains and singing a ragga-style song with the lyrics: "Hear me now! You taste so light, just like an eagle wing, up high in the Rockies gonna do ma ting. You taste so light, just like the arctic air, ice cold from the land of the grizzly bear."

MarketWatch (USA) - Seven States Still Force Prohibition-era Bans on Election Day Alcohol Sales

On November 4th, voters in seven states will be able to choose a president but not a bottle according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).

Reuters (Australia) - Tough new alcohol laws to stop Sydney violence

In an effort to stem a wave of alcohol-related violence on Sydney's streets, authorities will no longer issue 24-hour liquor licenses and 50 pubs and clubs will be forced to lock-out patrons and serve drinks plastic glasses.

New Vision (Uganda) - Increase taxes on alcohol, activists urge Government

THE Government should increase taxes on alcoholic products so as to reduce its consumption and curb traffic accidents and alcohol-related ailments afflicting the masses, activists have said.

Bloomberg (India) - WTO Judges Reverse Ruling Over Indian Alcohol Taxes

World Trade Organization judges reversed a ruling that Indian duties on U.S. alcohol imports don't discriminate against products such as Brown-Forman Corp.'s Jack Daniels whiskey, backing the Bush administration's appeal.

ABC Online (Australia) - 50pc of homeless 'dependent on alcohol, drugs'

New research from the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) shows a large percentage of homeless people are dependent on alcohol and drugs.

Adv Psychiatric Treat - Brief alcohol interventions – everybody’s business

Heavy drinking poses a significant risk to public health in the UK. Opportunistic screening and brief interventions offer a cost-effective method of reducing the harm related to excessive alcohol consumption at both an individual and a public health level.

BBC News (UK) - NHS alcohol services 'struggling'

The NHS is failing to get a grip on the growing alcohol problems in England, a watchdog says.

CNN - Does drinking alcohol shrink your brain?

People who drink alcohol -- even the moderate amounts that help prevent heart disease -- have a smaller brain volume than those who do not, according to a study in the Archives of Neurology.

Voxy (New Zealand) - Health Vs Commercial Gain

The recent purchase of Liquorland by supermarket interests (Foodstuffs) demonstrates how ineffective our controls on alcohol are and just how vulnerable community health is to commercial interests.

WebProNews - Google Opens Door To More Alcohol Ads

The ads - which have been given a "Non-FamilySafe status" - are popping up all over related results pages. Ads for hard alcohol and liqueurs are not - they're still banned.

AFP (France) - French winegrowers march against 'prohibition' plans

Winegrowers are alarmed by plans, unveiled in a health ministry bill last week, to ban open bars and the handing out of free alcohol, which would include tastings in winegrowers' cellars.

Irish Times (EU) - Call for EU co-operation to fight drug crime

Speakers at the conference expressed concern that the EU strategy focused on drugs, without any emphasis on the harm done by alcohol.

Business World - Excise taxes on liquor violating WTO rules

THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT is using a new argument in its bid to raise vice taxes, pointing out that indigenous wines are enjoying lower excise taxes in violation of international trade rules.

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