Monday, October 20, 2008

Alcohol News - week 42/2008

The Age (Australia) - Families reel from alcohol abuse

ALCOHOL abuse is having a devastating impact on families, with new figures showing one in five Australians has had arguments with family members who were influenced by alcohol, while one in 10 has had physical fights with relatives.

Hürriyet (Turkey) - Turkey's Islamist-rooted AKP to propose new bans on alcohol

Certain limitations on alcohol put forward in a draft regulation prepared by a government institution is being perceived as a blanket alcohol ban in Turkey, according to several media reports.

MarketWatch (USA) - Non-Students Report More Dangerous Behaviors Than College Student Peers

The Century Council, a not-for-profit organization funded by distillers dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking, commissioned a new national survey of young adults (18-24 year olds) including college students and non-students to investigate the impacts of college attendance and an active and healthy lifestyle, including involvement in sports, on underage drinking behaviors.

HealthNews - Alcohol Intake Increases Risk for Breast Cancer

Ask most women what would put them at high risk for breast cancer and the likely answer would be genetics, a close relative having suffered from the disease.

Jawa Report - Alcohol Shrinks Brains, Coffee Shrinks Breasts

According to a study published in the Archives of Neurology, people who drink alcohol have a smaller brain volume than people who don't drink alcohol.

The Local (Sweden) - New study: 'Alcohol and team sports go hand in hand'

A Swedish researcher has warned that the incidence of alcohol abuse within team sports remains a serious problem. Team managers are criticized for double standards and condoning the practice.

Sky News (UK) - Most Want Lower Drink Drive Limit

A poll suggests more than three-quarters say a reduction of the legal limit to 50mg would be a good thing.

Afrique en ligne (Botswana) - Botswana govt backs down on 'alcohol levy'

The government of Botswana has backed down on its decision to impose a 30 per cent levy on alcoholic beverages to curb excessive drinking in the African nation, the local press reported.'alcohol-levy'-2008101914035.html

AFP - Early teen drug, alcohol use ups sex and behaviour risks

Children who try drugs or alcohol before age 15 run a greater risk of being substance-dependent as adults, contracting sexually transmitted diseases, dropping out of school or being convicted of a crime, a study showed. (UK) - Drinkaware: 'one in six worried about drinking habits'

One in six people are worried about the amount of alcohol they are drinking at home, based on the number of bottles and cans they recycle, new research shows.

Times Online (UK) - Drug abuse a 'cause not effect' of social problems

Drug or alcohol abuse among children under the age of 15 is a cause and not an effect of a host of health and social problems, research has suggested.

Independent Online (South Africa) - Free foetal alcohol syndrome tests

In an attempt to help curb the spread of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), the City of Cape Town is expanding its free testing, screening and growth monitoring services to all city clinics.

The Press Association (UK) - Police plea over new drinking laws

Late-night drinking is a "significant drain" on police resources, the Government is due to be told.

Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Use of alcohol or drugs by teenagers doubles risk of damage

Young people using alcohol or other drugs before the age of 15 more than double the risk of damaging their adult health, research just published says.

BBC News (UK) - Bars facing ban on free alcohol

The drinks industry has condemned draft government proposals which could ban bars from giving free alcohol to women. (UK) - Drivers to be given random breath tests

Drivers face random breath testing regardless of how they are driving, under government plans to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by drink driving.

The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Lithuanian Seimas restricted time for selling alcohol

It is prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages from 10:00 p.m. till 8:00 a.m. at retail trade companies in Lithuania, except the cases restricted by municipal councils.

The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Excise tax on alcohol and tobacco to be increased in Latvia

Latvia will increase the excise tax on strong spirits and tobacco, as show the amendments to the "Law on Excise Tax", which the government approved yesterday.


Sheila said...

Good article !!
Here in Canada, I've discovered that there are many who's health has been severely damaged from Alcohol. My late husband & I were both hit permanently with Grand Mal Seizures, with no cure in sight. I've also come across those with near complete deafness, blindness, rotted liver & heart problems, all because of the ALMIGHTY drink !!
We're trying to have our Government pass mandatory law for all containers to have large health warning label.
It's not going to help us older ones, but our youth, must be warned! Before its too late for them as well!!

David Eugene said...

This kind of news never seems to go away. About 6 years ago I wrote a little book called "20 Good Reasons to Stay Sober (even if you don't have a drinking problem)". Articles like this continue to confirm my battle cry regarding the dangers of alcohol use/abuse.