Monday, November 28, 2011

Alcohol News - 48/2011

ERR News (Estonia)  - Store Clerks Turn Blind Eye to Underaged Alcohol Purchases
In a freshly released study, test subjects 18 years of age (the legal drinking age) weren't asked for ID on 71 percent of their alcohol purchases
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The (Sweden) - 'Systembolaget behind wine club police report'
Sweden’s state-run alcohol monopoly Systembolaget has been accused of having had a hand in a police report filed by a temperance society against a group of wine clubs.
Read more (Sweden)  - Gene impedes recovery from alcoholism
People who are alcohol-dependent and who also carry a particular variant of a gene run an increased risk of premature death. This is a recent finding from the interdisciplinary research at the Department of Psychology and the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Reuters (USA) - Sharp rise in hospitalizations tied to energy drinks: report
Emergency room visits linked to energy drink consumption have surged in recent years, according to a report released on Tuesday, as more people combine the popular beverages with alcohol and drugs.
Read more (Canada) - Alcohol drinking guide stresses moderation
Canada's new alcohol drinking recommendations aim to help guide people in how much to consume and they encourage moderation. The new guidelines from the National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Committee were released Friday.
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The Daily Post (New Zealand) - Merepeka Raukawa-Tait: Alcohol is a drug
As soon as Zac Guildford's plane landed when he returned from Rarotonga he should have been whisked off to rehab. This talented young man has a drug addiction that is affecting his life.
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Nigerian Tribune (Nigeria) - Excessive alcohol weakens body’s immunity against infections
Most people associate the physical harms of alcohol with liver damage. However, experts warn that heavy alcohol intake can also weaken the immune system, slow the healing process, impair bone formation, and increase the risk of transmitting HIV, reports Sade Oguntola.
Read more - Teen volunteering cuts alcohol, drug use
Programs that foster positive social behaviors such as volunteering reduce the likelihood teens will use alcohol or drugs in adulthood, U.S. researchers say.
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Drogheda Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol takes enormous toll on Irish families
'SADLY alcohol takes a huge toll in Ireland. We have been in denial about this for a long time.' That's the opinion of Dr Declan Bedford, public health specialist with the HSE.
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The West Australian (Australia) - Injuries and illness from grog cost us millions
WA hospitals are spending $76 million a year treating alcohol-related illnesses and injury, with cases in the metropolitan area rising significantly, a new report shows.
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Advertisement Journal - Women and Alcohol Advertisements
Women are becoming the new face for alcohol advertisements. Whether it is beer, liquor, or specialty drinks, women are being targeted for alcohol advertisements all over. Not only are women being targeted for alcohol advertisements, moms are also being targeted.
Read more (Scotland) - Report: Increased tax on alcohol would be preferable to minimum pricing
A study has argued that extra revenues raised from alcohol sales should go to the public purse rather than retailers and producers.
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Irish Health (Ireland) - Shock rise in alcohol liver disease
Death rates from alcoholic liver disease (ALD) in Ireland have seen a massive increase during the Celtic Tiger years, according to a new study.
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Saipan Tribune (Canada) - Alcohol-related car crashes dropping since 2009
Alcohol-related vehicular crashes in the CNMI have significantly decreased since 2009, according to the Department of Public Safety.
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Insurance Age (UK) - ABI advises alcohol ban and curfew for young drivers
A ban on alcohol and restricted driving hours are two of the proposals set out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) in a bid to reduce accidents among drivers aged under 25.
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The West Australian (Australia) - Lobby group tackles alcohol harm in teens
Doctors, child health experts and police are among 78 organisations that have formed a powerful new lobby group in WA to fight problem drinking in teenagers.
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Daily Mail (UK) - Boozy Britons are drinking more... as the rest of Europe cuts down
Consumption of alcohol has soared in Britain over the last few decades while it has plummeted on the continent. Adults in the UK drink 9 per cent more than they did in 1980, making us the 11th booziest nation in Europe – although our intake has fallen slightly over the past few years.
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Kashmir Watch (China) - China Prohibits Advertising of Alcoholic Drinks
Nine out of the more than 20 national Chinese television networks (CCTV) will not air TV commercials that advertise beer, wine, or any other type of alcoholic drink, according to He Haiming, vice-director of CCTV's advertising operations and management center, as told to the Beijing Today newspaper.
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CorpComms (Belgium) - Fake death app highlights drugs and alcohol risk
A controversial new Facebook app that sends a fake newspaper article to friends describing a fatal car accident has been launched by The Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety (IBSR).
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Warsaw Voice (Poland) - Poland plans no alcohol or LPG excise hike
Poland has no plans to raise excise duty on alcohol or auto gas LPG, deputy Finance Minister Jacek Kapica told PAP Polish news agency.
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